Tristan Red Book Boyfriend Box

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Your favorite sexy assassin has his own box! This Tristan Red inspired Book Boyfriend box features:

  • A signed special edition of Reborn by Meredith Wild that includes a letter from the author (this edition has an exclusive RED cover highlighting the passion and intensity of the story)
  • A travel mug with a meaningful quote from the series, for when you are on the go or lying low
  • Red embossed leather ledger with a C Lock just like the one Tristan carries
  • An aromatic candle that is the essence of Tristan Red: Death for Hire
  • Three travel posters representing some of the memorable destinations traveled in the series
  • An assassin kit travel bag to keep all your assassin goodies 
  • A gadget pen to keep you on course, write letters, and fulfill other assassin duties 
  • A sticker with a quote from Isabel’s tattoo
  • Tristan Red bookmark
  • and a Tristan Red card with playlist.

This is a ONE TIME purchase box.